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Add a dessert to have a mid-week treat!  Our individual Tiramisu Parfait is to-die-for with mascarpone, Casciano espresso, real rum, & moist pound cake.  Our Banana  Bread is home-style, no nuts, moist and delicious. Our Biscotti and Cupcakes are from From Scratch - biscotti's are large and perfect for your coffee or tea; Cupcakes are moist, always fresh on Wednesday - and covered with the most delicious cream cheese frosting!  

Tiramisu parfait,   $4

Banana Bread,    $3

Biscotti, Choc Pecan,  $2.50

Biscotti, Oran Cran,  $2

Biscotti, Vanilla Iced, $2

Cupcake, Chocolate,  $3.50

Cupcake, Red Velvet  $3.75

Cupcake, Seasonal,   $3.75

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