Summer Sides

Summer Sides

from 9.00

Let us help you plan your summer party with some of our delicious side salads. Just pick what you want to add to your dinner

Casciano Cobb Potato Salad - creamy, decadent Yukon potatoes, creamy tangy dressing, hard-boiled eggs and real oven-baked bacon. Order by the pound, $9.00

Creamy tri-colored slaw, green, and purple cabbage with orange carrots make this slaw as pretty as it tastes with its light, zesty mayo dressing. We add some candied almonds and dark green kale for a different version of the classec Order by the pound, $7.00

Baked Beans - all gooey and delicious, topped with maple-baked bacon. order by the tray, Shallow tray, feeds 8 to 12 $22 and Deep tray, feeds 15 to 25 $35

Deviled Eggs, 15 for $15 or garnished with candied bacon, 15 to $19

Strawberry Salad with candied walnuts, feta cheese, romaine, spring mix, drizzle of balsamic glaze and our orange vinaigrette. Large Bowl for 8 to 15 people $35, Catering Bowl for 25 to 40 people $75 add grilled chicken , large bowl, add $15; catering bowl, add $25

more to come….

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