Our most requested Appetizers for the Weekend!

Our most requested Appetizers for the Weekend!

from 13.50

We do the work - You take the credit! Try the following appetizers, they are tried and proven, but you won’t find them everywhere!

Layered Pesto - our most beautiful appetizer - perfect as a Hostess Gift - this version of pesto featured the freshest basil, ground walnuts and our special ground cheese, all layered with extra virgin olive oil - so the taste of each element shines through medium jar, feeds 4 to 12 $13.50; Large jar, feeds 12 to 16 $22

Glazed Peppers, our MOST requested appetizer. Our secret recipes sautes strips of red peppers with sugar and butter until glazey and delicious - then we serve it with a blended goat cheese ball for just the right creamy smear on your bread or cracker then the tangy pepper. Serve with your own sliced baguette or order it from us!

Medium jar, serves 6 to 12, $15.00; Large Jar, serves 12 to 16, $25.00 (both include goat cheese ball)

Oven Roasted Tomatoes, tray of 18, $15 comes with shaved romano… add sliced baguette, $5

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