Team Building



One of the most popular and powerful Team Building experiences around. Successful companies start with employees who work effectively together. Research shows that people who eat together become a tighter-knit group.

group bond 1.jpg


Cooking is a great way to promote each team members self confidence. Everyone will have a role to perform during the meal preparation. Build social skills, self-esteem, communication, and an valuable sense of team work. Not to mention make some great memories in the process!



Learn new skills while discussing solutions, successes and challenges over a delicious meal you made together. Inspiring creativity and socializing outside of work is imperative to keeping teams strong, productive and valued.

Let’s Get Started!

Class sizes are geared towards 10 - 15 team members. Have something specific you want to make? We absolutely take requests.

Contact Linda Cashan for scheduling and questions 609-878-3488 or