Enchiladas for Dinner, 9/11/19

Enchiladas for Dinner, 9/11/19

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Going Mexican..Going Light!

Pick up a tray of our Chicken Enchiladas - prepared as light and clean as possible, thanks to our friends at


no BEANS, not TOO spicy, just DELICIOUS ,freshly cooked, shredded chicken, whole wheat wraps, and enough sauce and cheese to make delicious! THEN, our lime crema and scallions to top!

See their site for nutritional info as we will be following their recipe!

Served with a colorful Mexican rice and 32 oz Salad Bowl of Iceberg, shredded carrot and our house vinaigrette!

Family Dinner,  $31, a generous tray!
Dinner for one, $12
Extra Iceberg Salad, 16 oz, $4
Fiesta Salad w/ black beans, peppers, avocado, lime dressing, $6
Kids Meal - nuggets w/ mac & cheese bowl, $6
Kids Pasta Bowls,   $2
Kids Mac & Cheese,   $3
Parfait, apple custard, $4

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Don’t forget to order your dessert for dinner and breakfast or lunch for Thursday to pickup with your Family Fare